Imagine you are producing a play set in this time period, or are having to outfit a group of reenactors for a period event such as The 1900 House. You have a huge budget, but little time, and need to buy pre-made costume items (NOT antique/vintage items) and commercial patterns in order to get the job done on time. Using the Pattern page, the Victorian Links page, the 1900-1910 Links Page, and the Costumes for Sale page, and an online search, find suppliers for most of the items you might need. Describe what you could, and could not, find online.

Grande Illusions ( has a good selection of Civil War clothing, Civilian clothing, Children clothing, and Accessories.

Clearwater Hats ( has an excellent selection of Victorian hats.

Premier Clothing ( Has a fairly good supply of Victorian clothing that focuses more on the classier side of the Victorian age.

Le Ateliers du Costume ( seems to be an awesome French historical costume company. They make everything from poor to high class stuff in fabrics that suit the needs of the type of clothing.