Week 8 assignment


For my study garment I chose a dress that appears to be of a Mod style roughly mid to late 1960’s. Without any information as of yet, I am assuming that the dress was made in the early part of the style as is was forming, or designed for more conservative tastes that were dressing in the fashion. It is a simple one-piece, short-sleeved dress of ¾ length. It is 100% wool, ivory in color and zips up in the back. The dress has a seven-panel design: three panel make up the front, four panels for the back. The four panels (two on each side) are princess seams that provide a more form-fit to the A line design. The dress still has its original label showing that Marchesa di Grésy designed it for the clothing manufacturer I. Magnin & Co.

I chose this study garment for several reasons. First, I chose it for accessibility. With great costume pieces like this in costume storage, looking in the costume shop was much easier than looking all over town or buying something via E-bay. Secondly, I was drawn to the style. Several of my colleagues have noted that I seem to have an unusual fascination for the “plastic” 50’s and 60’s. I veer away from anything of too much cerebral or ornamental value so the beatniks and hippies are right out. Thirdly, we seem to be undergoing yet another “retro-flashback.” Though current style is leaning toward the late 70’s and early 80’s, an entire sub-culture of Mod has formed in the past few years. The internet has linked the Euro-trash and the American misfits so that what was once a style of the sixties is now a point of view for the late 90’s and into the new millennium. Movies like the “Austin Powers” series show this style to be fun and sexy (which I guess we need in this age of violent conflict).


I would have though that “retro-clothes” would have sold a little better. Many of the auctions I found of similar style dresses are selling at $9-12. There are many of the Go-go clubbing style that are considered very trendy even now. I did expect there to be more accessories such as bags or belts, maybe even boots. I did find a few handbag items even a headband for the style, but the choices were limited. Quite a few of the accessories were not even from the period but were made in the style recently. Several dresses that were listed as “Mod” weren’t from the period but were obviously recent designs that based themselves somewhat on the style. Some (like a “goth mod” clubbing dress that didn’t seem very Mod or Goth) seemed completely mislabeled. Because the dress I selected was a little more conservative than many of the auction items I found under “Mod” I checked under the heading “Jackie O”. The dresses I found with that heading actually sold for more. Many of the dresses had starting prices at $25. Just a thought: The people that are selling knock-offs or something only vaguely resembling the “Retro” look should add “Jackie O.” to their listings.



salmon dress 13.49 (increased bid)


navy/cream horiz striped 9.99


white shift 7.99


vespa  off-white 9.00


red velvet/rayon mini 9.00


accessories: headband 1.25


orange trapeze (remake) 7.00


pink knit (close but a bit more vibrant) 14.99


Cinnamon striped shift dress  16.99


Pink Scooter Dress 9.99


Yellow Scooter Dress 9.99


Blue Scooter Dress 8.50


Silver and White Party Dress  12.99


Italian Green Wool Dress  8.99


Simplicity patterns 9.99


blk go-go dress 13.99


accessories egg-shaped mini-case


accessories: purse 31.00


accessories mod “style” sunglasses 25.49


Jackie O 60’ black dress 27.00